Artur Nista Games

Retro FPS

A futuristic FPS short game, with some expiration on retro FPS games (fast movement and no gun limit).

One of my first 3D games and my first linear game, with a simple plot.

All assets are from Asset Store, besides some very simple stuff, like the Flying Demon and the glass walls.

I learned to create animations in 3D (all guns animations are done by me). Developed some basic AI for the enemies and coded all the player movement and mechanics.

The core gameplay is heavy based on retro FPS, like Half-Life and DOOM. The mechanics, like the fast movement, are complemented with the enemies.

Enemies was designed to keep the player in movement. The cyclop follow you around and the flying demon attack your position with projectiles.

I also try to vary the battle strategies changing the level design. Corredors and small rooms are opposed with big and open areas, chaning the player style of fighting the enemies.